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Achimay Enterprise Co., Ltd. 艾奇美企業有限公司

Wheelset | Saddle | Helmet | Padle | Glove | Water cage

       We have been running the business with the principle of “Credible quality, professional service” since the founding of the company. Fortunately, with the support and love from everyone and the united work of our staffs, “Achimay” is able to grow steadily and receive positive feedbacks from the society. Our existing brands, RUBAR and VIVIMAX are well sold in a number of countries in Southeast Asia. We are also the agent for various international brands and have established after-sales service points in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.
       In order to let all bike lovers to enjoy the latest bike and parts that are light-weighted and safe, our priority is to provide professional and high-quality services via an innovative brand at the moment. We will emphasize more on bike design and R&D of parts in the future.

       Achimay has factories for the manufacturing of hand-made wheel sets and whole bikes fabrication at the moment. In addition to our insistence on hand-braided RUBAR wheel sets, we also do OEMs for wheel sets of other brands and have built production lines for bike fabrications in 2010. Apart from the whole bike production of our own brands, RUBAR and VIVIMAX, we also provide OEM services for whole bike fabrications of other brands.
       Tired of a market overcrowded with products of mass production, we created the brand “RUBAR”. In order to increase the quality of our products and endue them with a strong power to change, the brand name “RUBAR” was created!
• RUBAR Belief and Principle
   • Represents the will and mission to proceed without hesitation.
   • Represents quality insistence that shall not be easily compromised.
   • Represents the Amoeba-like design concept and breakthrough.

• VIVIMAX Belief and Principle
       We use an ant with unpredictable explosiveness and persistent belief as the representative of our brand. Through VIVIMAX, we put life into our design notion by presenting products and parts full of concepts and energy to respond to our users and follow up the trends. VIVIMAX possesses high innovation, product variation and fast after-sales services that have always been remaining close to bikers’ high demands for custom-made. Our fresh and young brand concept bonds with users’ hope and expectations.
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Business Scope: Wheelset | Saddle | Helmet | Padle | Glove | Water cage
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